Glastonbury is a one of a kind town.  You can at any given time of the day (though admittedly, maybe not before 10am) see a wizard and a druid having a lively discussion outside one of the many cafes.

A vibrant, tolerant and interesting town, Glastonbury is the sort of place people visit for a few days and all of a sudden realise they’ve been living there for the last ten years. Best advice is to just park the car and wander about.

Glastonbury Tor is a short walk from the centre of town, up the high street and along Chilkwell street until you get to well house lane. On the way you will pass pubs, cafe’s, the chalice well, the white spring and a myriad of tourists. It’s worth the walk as the views from the Tor are simply beautiful.

Most year’s Glastonbury Festival – which is actually held 11 miles away near the village of Pilton – draws a lot of visitors to the town and surrounding area. At the same time of year you can also experience Glastonbury Fringe.

Glastonbury Town Centre is wonderfully almost totally bereft of national chain stores making the high street a much more interesting wander than most. Add to this the abundance of alternative lifestyle shops and healing centres and be prepared for a different experience to normal. Also make time to check out the many live music venues every night of the week.

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The village of Cheddar is famous for its amazing gorge and caves, with all of the associated activities like potholing, rock climbing, abseiling and more. For the less adventurous you can wander up and down the gorge visiting the many cafes and pubs or take in a cave tour.



Wells is the smallest city in Europe and attracts visitors from all over the world to see the cathedral and shop in the many shops along the high street. Regular events are held in Wells including a comedy festival, a literature festival and more recently a food festival.



Frome is a popular destination for all with its winding alleys and streets full of boutique shops and it’s many night life locations including the excellent Cheese & Grain where you can watch international touring artists several nights a week.


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